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HeadStart Global Consultants

We at Headstart, literally aim at giving you the most comprehensive experience to literally get a HeadStart towards your new course, new life or even a new career. We are a tailor made operation and handle each customer on a customized basis.

We have been known for resolving extremely complex cases, no matter how tough it might be. Our consultations are usually free of charge and full of imformation. We create an internal road map for very client and various departments work on it simultaneously. We would be absolutely pleased to assist you in your new decision. Ask us Anything! Welcome to HeadStart!

Who We Are !!

HEADSTART GLOBAL CONSULTANTS is an Education and Migration Consultancy with a global presence in many countries and consulted over thousand of students. Additionally, we specialize in providing end-to-end consulting services from counselling you to study overseas, helping with your visa application and further helping you to settle well in your desired preference of a country across the globe.

Himanshu Kishnani

Education Consultant QEAC Q957

Himanshu, our Senior Education Consultant comes with years of experience in the field of Education, especially as a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor. Having himself struggled in Australia as a student to receive the right guidance from the consultants, made him realize the need of having the right guidance at the right time in one’s career. He has personally helped thousands of students worldwide in the last 7 years with their aspirations to study abroad. His expertise, knowledge base and right attitude makes him the consultant you can surely trust.

Rachana Keswani


Rachana, one of other senior Consultants comes from a marketing background, with an experience of more than 7 years in the corporate sector. Having worked in various sectors including Education, Migration, Finance and HR, Rachana Knows that a business needs a lot more to succeed than just a hard -working team. A Company is only as good as the qualities of its leaders, and with a vast expericence in the industries which Rachana has, HeadStart Global Consultants will surely be able to achieve what it promises to deliver.

Vivek Agarwal

JAP Consultant | Industry Associate

Vivek, our Job Assistance Program Consultant and an Industry Associate comes from a Information Technology background and is currently working as a Business Intelligence Lead in the one of the elite IT organizations in Australia. He is not only consulting our clients to assist them in finding their desired jobs in the industry, but also is assisting our organization with IT support.

Anshita Keswani

Graphic Designer

Anshita, our Graphic Designer, with an eye for what makes our content attractive both on social media platforms and website. With specialized qualifications in Graphic Designing, Anshita is an expert in what she does and makes our content reaches you in the most creative way.




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